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Twenty years of streetcore: TOXPACK blast ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT into the world!

TOXPACK are an institution. For 20 years, the Berliners have been blasting the purest streetcore out into the republic, playing countless shows from the most borderline hellhole to the country's mightiest festival stages, from the tough asphalt to high up in the charts. Two decades of pure dedication, doing their own thing, going their own path and grabbing more and more followers along the way. And now this: ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT (28.01.2022 via Napalm Records) is coming, and it's an intense thunderstorm of an album. It rumbles, it bangs - and then inevitably and mercilessly comes the impact. And never is the silence more intense than right after the inferno.

"All the energy, the perseverance, the experiences and the constant will to always give one hundred percent, simply everything that has accumulated over the past 20 years, inevitably comes together on this album," says guitarist and lyricist Tommi Tox, who, together with his charismatic singer Schulle and his unmistakable voice, sends listeners on a 15-song journey through all the emotional ups and downs of life. Already the strong opener ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT bangs irresistibly, it is a worthy greeting directly from the devil's kitchen. It goes on from doubting the existence of divine powers ("Ozean voll Scheiße"), to blissfully wallowing in memories of the old days ("Noch einmal so wie früher"). "Bastarde für alle Zeit", "Totgeglaubt, doch neugeboren" and "Kopf durch die Wand" are classic TOXPACK material: made without mercy for the mosh pits of this world. At the very end, after the thunderstorm, there is "Himmelwärts", a very special piece of the band's history. It is a last greeting to those who have gone too soon. Nobody is immortal, nobody is invulnerable. Those who are vulnerable are strong!

ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT is a flare of expulsion. Anger, hate and despair, raw and unfiltered. It's the tone TOXPACK has been setting for 20 years. They can't do and they don't want anything else: from the streets for the street. And so ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT has become a roller again, as powerful as it can only come from TOXPACK. It is the essence of 20 years of streetcore, enriched by what life teaches you every day. The attitude remains, the intensity too, but the sum of experiences keeps on growing. "And that needs to be sent out into this world," says Tommi. "We probably couldn't have given ourselves a better birthday present." ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT is also a gift to all old and new fans. TOXPACK is 20 years of streetcore, force, intensity and unconditional honesty, felt by many. The connection between band and fans is unique - and ZWANZIG.TAUSEND VOLT is the energy boost for everything that is yet to come.


Gekommen um zu bleiben
Wecke den Kampfgeist
Ozean voll Scheiße
Bastarde für alle Zeit
Totgeglaubt, doch neugeboren
Kopf durch die Wand
Zusammen einsam
Letzte Warnung
Noch einmal so wie früher
Wehe, wenn wir losgelassen
Nur für Dich
Wir kommen wieder irgendwann


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Band: Toxpack
Release: 2022
Label: Napalm Records
Genre: Streetcore

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