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About us

CORE TEX is a well established record shop, mailorder and a music and merchandise label. CORE TEX is all this and much more. It has developed into a home-from-home for people all over the world from the punk-hardcore-underground community. By the scene, for the scene, for over 29 years!

The shop first opened its door in 1988, and soon became a place for punk and hardcore kids alike to hang out. We still have regular customers from those early days for whom a trip to Berlin remains incomplete without a visit to CORE TEX. Bands have played shows in and in front of the store including some of the biggest names around – Troopers, The Unseen, Anti-Flag, Gorilla Biscuits, Chuck Ragan, Kill Your Idols, Anticops, Danny Diablo, Born From Pain, Radio Dead Ones, Final Prayer and many many more. It has also become an informal “meet and greet” spot as when touring bands come through town many take the time to come and visit the CORE TEX staff and fans. Despite going through the inevitable changes that come with the passing years, CORE TEX remains the same grassroots underground store today that it was right at the start. We are happy to provide a friendly and knowledgeable service, whether you are a newcomer to the scene and music, a collector looking for something special, or just browsing.
The mailorder has become a more and more important part of CORE TEX over the last few years. We are able to offer our complete stock online, from merch to records, cds, dvds, zines, books and fan goodies such as skate socks, skate decks, music and band collectibles. We recently relaunched the online shop, incorporating many new features and making the online shopping experience more interactive and customer friendly.

In 1994 CORE TEX launched it’s own record labels. Under various names (Mad Mob, Bad Dog, Grapes Of Wrath), we have put out over 100 albums and eps. Ranging from small one-time pressings of Eps for local bands, to bigger titles that have sold over 10,000 units, we have put ourselves behind and supported every release. Some of our releases have now become sought-after rarities from bands such as Agnostic Front, In My Eyes, Better Than A Thousand, Troopers, Kill Your Idols, Sidekick, Up Front and The Bruisers. We have kept most of our CD releases in press and are proud to have in-house productions in stock from the likes of Killing Time, Anticops, Troopers, H20, Toxpack, Radio Dead Ones, Hatebreed, The Business and Sham 69.