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Payment options


Please use our Paypal account:

Please pay attention to the fact that the shipping address stored there corresponds with your current address.

Direct debit

This service is processed via Paypal. You do not need a paypal account.

In the direct debit, you will authorize Paypal to debit the required sum of your bank account. Please ensure sufficient coverage of your account.

Purchase on invoice

This service is processed via Paypal. Here you can shop without going in advance. The invoice sum is paid to the specified account upon receipt of the shipment.

Advance Payment / Money Transfer

Please transfer the invoice amount to the following account:

Receiver: Coretex Records Handels GmbH

Accountnumber: 630104100

Bank code: 10010010

Credit institution: Postbank Berlin

IBAN DE60100100100630104100


Credit Card

You pay with your credit card. You can choose between Paypal and Heidelberger Payment.

Immediate Transfer

(only available in Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Netherlands, Slovakia, Spain, Czech Republic & Austria)

In the case of immediate transfer, your transfer will be executed immediately by Heidelberger Payment.