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Patti - good big

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though I'd forgive you for thinking they?re from Minneapolis as they sound strikingly similar to Uranium Club.

Like society as a whole, punk rock seems to go through eras of conservatism and progressivism, and despite (or maybe because of?) the fact that the right-wingers seem to be ascendant in the United States? and Europes' wilder culture, we seem to be experiencing a moment in the punk scene when nothing is cooler than letting your freak flag fly.

Rhythmically, Patti have more of a Minutemen / Suburban Lawns-type white funk swing to them, but the deadpan vocals and Krautrock-ish way of riding simple, repetitive riffs will do any Uranium Club fan right. The bass lines, guitar lines, and vocal patterns are uniformly interesting, but one place Patti excel is in writing cool bridge parts.

Most of the songs on Good Big have a middle section about 3/4 of the way through where the song goes to some strange, unexpected place. The transitions are fluid, so you find yourself thinking, ?wait, is this the same song?? until they drop back into one of the familiar parts from earlier in the song. Having that sense of movement and development to the song takes what would have been an interesting collection of riffs and makes them into something more than that, a set of musical stories that unfold in front of you.

This is top-notch egg punk, so even if you only mess with the hits like Uranium Club and Coneheads this is worth checking out.


01 Rubber
02 Color Kill
03 Look At My List
04 Apple T
05 American HD
06 Fully Foam Ending
07 Unlike
08 Vestido!
09 Love Today
10 In Some Ways Yes
11 Actor Is
12 Is Ours Not Yes
13 Being Where It Shouldn't Be
14 Canada
15 Dr. Squeamish
16 Maxine

Band: Patti
Title: big good
Release: 2019
Label: Erste Theke Tonträger
Bandinfo: www.

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