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Grande Cobra - echoes of rebellion

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Very very grande are the holes the fangs of this release are gonna leave on your rocking ass. The mixed trio from Down Under proves that true beauty lies only in simplicity, a safely kept recipe that ROCKET FROM THE CRYPT took with them six feet below when the left the building a couple of years ago.
Now, this band took the formula out of the vaults and put into a more garagey sound that was captured on tape inside the famous Toe Rag studios in London. Most of the 10 songs on this record, like ''Railway Xing'', ''Paper Cuts'', ''Broken'' or the brilliant ''Hearts in the basement'', really do sound like a more stripped-down version of their San Diego brothers in musical gusto (minus the wind section) and they are all based on one simple, catchy and repetitive guitar line or just one single chord with an impulsive beat under the saddle that open out into a hyper-melodic and explosive chorus that will leave all you shakers out there perfectly happy. Not to speak of the even more melodic and straighter opener ''In a minute'' or the driving ''Doing the bomb'' and ''No brakes'' that serve as the ideal andidote for your good taste that has been venomed by too many lame-ass records. C'mon, catch a bite of the Grande Cobra!
Dimensionen (H/B/T): 320x320x32 mm
Format: LP
Band: Grande Cobra
Title: echoes of rebellion
Release: 2010
Label: P.Trash

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Frage zum Produkt

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