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Arsene Obscene - zone industrielle

Artikelnummer: 7957

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Here comes a healthy overdose of the kind of poison you can't keep your cold-sweat fingers away from. Entering on atomic number 33 is Francois from the VEINES and his new solo-fi one-man pharmacy ARSENE OBSCENE. You're about to swallow 14 grams of crunched-out and fuzzed-up Punkrock powder, sweetened with wild STOOGES guitars, yummy yummy melodies and French vocals, cooked up with a drum machine in a secret crack kitchen and subtly interlaced into your JEFFREY NOVAK, ELECTRIC EELS, VOLT or AGGRAVATION mash. An antidote has still not been discovered. This one keeps you comatose with every spin.
Dimensionen (H/B/T): 320x320x32 mm
Format: LP
Band: Arsene Obscene
Title: zone industrielle
Label: P.Trash

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Frage zum Produkt

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