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V/A - Triple B Records: The First 100

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Für die 100. Veröffentlichung hat Triple B beschlossen, 50 Tracks auf 2 LPs zu packen, welche die die Geschichte der ersten 100 Veröffentlichungen umfasst! Dies ist wie das Betreten einer Zeitmaschine. Sie haben versucht, alle einzubeziehen, aber leider fehlen einige der Master aus den ersten und einigen der mittleren Veröffentlichungen. Es sind 2 Farbsets mit einer Gesamtpressmenge von nur 1000 erhältlich. Diese sind in 400 g / m² Gatefold-Covern mit hochdruckbedruckten Innenhüllen untergebracht. One time Pressing. Das gesamte Layout wurde von Chris Wilson erstellt.

Pressing Info:

Test Press (out of 7)
Cloudy Green & Cloudy Red (out of 300)
Olive Green & Ox Blood (out of 700)


Side A:
Make Or Break "We Won't Forget" from Split with Haunted Life (0:53)
Overdose "Some Might Say" from split with Lie & Wait (1:34)
Foundation "Never Stops Raining" from Never Stop Raining
Lie & Wait "A Fool's Prayer" from Led Astray (2:32)
Downpresser "The Labyrinth" from Age of Ignorance (1:51)
Rival Mob "I.I.B." from Demo 2007 (0:51)
Thought Crusade "Bitter Pill" from It's Our War (0:57)
Free Spirit "Selfish" (1:07)
Fire & Ice "Breathe" from Grim (2:26)
Dead End Path "Stay Up, Stay Alive" from Death Walks Beside Us (2:31)
Soul Search "Stuck" from Bury the Blame (2:32)
Stick Together "Drugs Suck" from Surviving the Times (1:35)
Disengage "The Same" from Expressions (1:01)

Side B:
Give "I Am Love" from I Am Love (2:41)
Clear "Pain Chain" from Demo 2011 (1:06)
Rude Awakening "Bound By Chains" from The Awakening (1:31)
DNA "Distraction" from s/t (1:56)
Demolition "Big Jon's Mosh" from World Gone Mad (1:38)
Our Side "Back to Reality" from Back To Reality (1:07)
MINUS "Have Not" from s/t (2:26)
Hard Stripes "Unconditional" from s/t (1:12)
Death Injection "Cut You Out" from I Hate Myself & Everyone Else (1:00)
Shrapnel "Imposter II" from Frenzied State (2:41)
Protester "Weakest Link" from No Identity (2:21)
Some Nerve "Under the Skin" from Sense of Control (1:41)
Westpoint "Feel October" from s/t (2:53)

Side C:
Wolf Whistle "Tower Stare" from The Present Disturbance (1:28)
Free At Last "Shell Shock" from Embrace You (1:40)
Civic Duty "Choke" Burden of Hate (1:04)
Lock "Unjustified" from 3 Song Promo (1:56)
Take Control "Surface" from s/t (0:36)
Glory "the Fact" from the 12" (0:51)
Fury "Thin Line" from Paramount (2:18)
Abuse of Power "Secure" from When Then Becomes Now (2:31)
FREE "Sisyphus" from Ex Tenebris (1:47)
Violence to Fade "Insult to Injury" from Unstoppable Force (1:19)
Forced Order "Blood Ritual" from One Last Prayer (1:39)
Freedom "The Alleyways" from Never Had A Choice (1:57)
Red Death "Formidable Darkness" from Formidable Darkness (2:41)

Side D:
Unified Right "So It Goes" from s/t (3:25)
Candy "Love Wants More Love" from Candy Says (1:09)
Ecostrike "Standing Hard" from Voice of Strength (1:46)
True Love "Nothing Left" from The Pact (1:13)
Three Knee Deep "Kingz Way" from Wrong World (2:55)
Criminal Instinct "Yet to Come" from AHC Volume 3 (2:06)
Bracewar "The Prophecy" from Colossal (2:46)
Warfare "Open Season" from Declaration (1:28)
Mindforce "Nightmare" from Excalibur (1:09)
Ekulu "Melt the Ice" on s/t (2:45)
One Step Closer "The Reach" on From Me To You (3:33)

Band: V/A
Title: Triple B Records: The First 100
Release: 2021
Label: Triple-B Records

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