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Made in Kreuzberg, respected worldwide!

Coretex Records was established in 1988 as a record shop and mailorder based in the heart of Berlin-Kreuzberg. With a product offering of over 30,000 items, Coretex offers the full range of goodies geared towards lovers of all hardcore, punk rock and underground music. Through band merchandise, to skateboard brands, streetwear and a lot of in-house exclusive releases, Coretex has built a large and loyal fan base.Legenedary bands such as Agnostic Front, Gorilla Biscuits, Madball, Slapshot, Suicidal Tendencies, Biohazard, Hatebreed and Dropkick Murphys all call Coretex their Berlin home-from-home. 

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Stay true and underground!
For over 30 years now, CORETEX has become something of an international meeting point for both established bands and newcomers alike. An insider tip where you can have an informal „Meet & Greet“. You could be lucky enough to witness an in-store gig by a band as they stop over during the day before playing a sold out show on an evening. Names such as Brian Fallon, Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, Billy Bio, Anti-Flag, Judge, Marathonmann, Jaya the Cat, Swiss & Die Anderen, Slime and ZSK have all performed intimate shows, sharing a unique moment with their fans and the CORETEX crew. For many of them it is also the chance to enjoy a CORETEX beer with the team – something that in-house band Troopers enjoy quite often (ie all the time!). Maybe they make up for the fact that the other in-house band – Charley’s War – is less likely to do so... Bands such as Rancid, First Blood, Sick Of It All, Turnstile or Integrity have also made a point of stopping by. Bad Brains have yet to put in an appearance, but we’ll make do with the Bad Brians – the band that emerged from the ashes of old school Berlin skate-punks Disaster Area.

Stay selected!
Twin store CORE TEX SELECTOR is just a couple of minutes away from CORETEX, on Heinrichplatz. You’ll find brands such as Ben Sherman, Fred Perry, Merc, Trojan, Lonsdale or Dr. Martens here in all shapes, sizes and colours. British fashion for all rude boys and rude girls or anyone else who wears the timeless style with pride. CORETEX SELECTOR offers a warm welcome – fashion with passion – and the staff are always happy to help each customer find their individual style. You will find all manner of check shirts, button-down shirts, braces, polo shirts and jackets – dress sharp, dress smart!

Stay Kreuzberg!
CORETEX own-brand apparel also makes them stand out from the crowd. Kreuzberg has always helped set trends – a place where ideas are conceived and shaped. Designs featuring the unmistakeable CORETEX bear, like the panther, have become a part of the local colour. The range includes t-shirts, hoodies, jogging pants, socks, bags and tea towels. Environmentally friendly fairwear, and limited edition collections. Local partnerships with brands like Goldies, Irie Daily and MaiSoap help keep things vibrant and deepen the roots with the community even more. If that leaves you thirsty for more then CORETEX own-brand beer is designed to satisfy – brewed just down the road in Potsdam. From head to toe dressed in CORETEX gear. Made in Kreuzberg, respected worldwide!

Stay credible!
Over the years, CORETEX has grown and developed, just like its customer base. It has travelled a long journey from photocopied fliers through to the e-newsletters of today. One of the guiding principles as to what lands in the store is „we are what we sell“. From brands born just round the corner, to the biggest international labels. The team are always on the hunt for the hottest new releases to bring you some sweet limited edition vinyl exclusives. It doesn’t matter whether you are a scene veteran, newcomer, record collector or someone who has walked in purely by chance – the team will do their best to offer you a great service. From New York hardcore, punk, oi!, indie, streetpunk, ska, metal right through to youth crew and straight edge – you name it, CORETEX has it.

Stay old school!
Although the trend for music on vinyl has grown in recent years, at CORETEX it never went away! The team love nothing more than to bring you the newest releases, coloured vinyl and limited editions that make those records extra special. As well as records, CORETEX is well stocked with CDs and tapes (yes, tapes!) to cater for every style and taste.

Stay home!
The CORETEX mailorder is as equally important as the bricks and mortar store itself. Open 24-7 the mailorder has a loyal global customer base. Those little extras such as CORETEX exclusive vinyl colours or limited preorders are designed to bring your records and merchandise to your door bang on release date.

Stay cult!
Skateboarding and surfing are components of the subculture almost as important as the hardcore and punk rock soundtrack. CORETEX distributes brands that the crew can identify with. Classic brands such as Independent, Santa Cruz and Thrasher sit alongside the likes of Dogtown, Brixton, Ninety-Eight Clothing, Pitchfork Hardwear, Stance, 126 Clothing. Music, subculture and politics often sit hand in hand and so CORETEX also brings you the labels with a message, such as True Rebel, Mob Action or Sixblox.