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V/A - America's Hardcore Volume 5

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39 Tracks, 38 Bands, 100% HC. Der 5. Teil der America's Hardcore Compilation Serie. Untergebracht in einem 400gsm geprägten Gatefold-Cover, mit einem 40-seitigen 12x12"-Booklet mit exklusivem Artwork für alle Bands. Cover & Gatefold-Layout von Kyle Niland, gemastert von Arthur Rizk.

Pressing Info:

Gold Inside Ultra Clear / Silver Inside Ultra Clear (out of 200) *BBB Exclusive*
Black / Red / Yellow Tri-Stripe (out of 200) *Evil Greed Exclusive*
Ultra Clear with Gold Splatter / Ultra Clear with Silver Splatter (out of 400) *BBB Exclusive*
Black & Gold Swirl / Black & Silver Swirl (out of 700)


Side A:

Ammunation - Truth & Facts
Never Ending Game - Dreamin Red...
Inclination - Fruition
Firewalker - Forever
Dead Last - Pawn in the Game
Regional Justice Center - Life's Work
Profile - Set the Tone
BIB - The Healing Room
Division of Mind - 8: 7
Fuming Mouth - They Take What They Please

Side B:

Be All End All - Kiss It Goodbye
Be All End All - Supremacy
Magnitude - Light At The End
Result of Choice - Greenwashed
Final Gasp - Botched Ritual
Dead Heat - The Hard Reset
Memory Screen - Days of Heaven
Rule Them All - C.O.
Pummel - The One
Terror - Pain is Forever

Side C:

Life's Question - World Keeps Turning
Maniac - Forward Onto Annihilation
Combust - Pull the Hammer
Anxious - The Long Spring
Eyes of the Lord - Kind or Cruel
CA Coyotes - Assembly Line
Vantage Point - Swear
The Fight - We Will Never Learn
Open City - Wolf
Wound Man - Pull

Side D:

Worn - Systematic Seed
Mindforce - Reign of Terror
No Right - Exempt
Almighty Watching - The Absolute
No Pressure - Bed of Nails
Restraining Order - Keep on Runnin'
Sunami - I Don't Care
The Answer - Since Birth
Citizen - Let Me Out

Band: V/A
Title: America's Hardcore Volume 5
Release: 2021
Label: Triple B
Bandinfo: www.
Genre: Hardcore

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