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Toy Dolls - fat bob's feet

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"Fat Bob's Feet" is a full-length album by the Punk band Toy Dolls. It is one of the more popular pieces recorded by the band and included such punk favourites as "Bitten by a Bed Bug", "The Sphinx Stinks" and bonus single A-side "Turtles Crazy!" that wasn't included in original album track list. "Kids In Tyne & Wear" is the reworking of Kim Wilde classic Kids in America, one most often covered songs by the punk rock bands. 'Fat Bob's Feet is a rare late The Toy Dolls album that doesn't contain any classic/symphony instrumental adaptation.


01.Gloomy Intro / Toy Doll Tonic
02.Fat Bob?s Feet
03.We Quit The Cavalry
04.The Sphinx Stinks
05.Rodney?s Memory
06.Olga Crack Corn
07.Bitten By A Bed Bug!
08.Kids In Tyne & Wear
09.Frankie?s Got The Blues
10.A Bunch O?Fairies
11.Yellow Burt
12.Back In ?79
13.The Coppers Copt Kens? Cash!
14.Toy Doll Tonic / Gloomy Outro
15.Turtle Crazy
16.Turtle Crazy (Singalong Mix)

Band: Toy Dolls
Title: Fat Bob's Feet
Release: 1993/2016
Label: Westworld

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