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ThirtySix Fights Vol. 3 - 06.04.2024

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Thirtysix Fights Vol. 3
06:04.24 in Berlin, SO36

Einlass: 13:00 Uhr
Beginn: 14:00 Uhr
Venue: SO36, Oranienstraße 190, 10999 Berlin

The revolution in Rojava is seen worldwide as an inspiration in the fight for a just, grassroots-
democratically organized society. The aim is to guarantee equal participation in political and social
decision-making processes for all people - regardless of ethnicity, religion or gender. The women's
revolution in particular has made great progress in this regard. In defense of the rights they fought
for, all self-governing bodies now have dual leadership and there are numerous autonomous
women's structures with political veto rights.

But social change takes time. This is why many women in Rojava are still affected by patriarchal
oppression, for example through forced marriages, domestic violence or honor killings. To protect
these women, the first women's shelter was established in 2015 in the Cizîrê region in north-
eastern Syria. Here, those affected are not only offered refuge from violence, but also education
and psychological support to strengthen their self-confidence and independence and make them
aware of their rights. The leading women's commission works closely with other self-governing
institutions to enable women to return safely to their families. In 2023, 81 out of a total of 92
women were able to leave the women's shelter after several months. Those who cannot or do not
want to return have the option of joining a women's cooperative or moving into a permanent facility.
The women's shelter in Cizîrê is currently facing existential problems. Due to Turkey's ongoing war
against the autonomous self-administration in Rojava, almost all financial resources have to be
used for defense. In addition, representatives of the self-administration are constantly exposed to
mortal danger from Turkish drone terror. This includes Evin Paso, the head of the women's shelter
and chairwoman of the women's commission in Cizîrê, whose predecessor was murdered by a
Turkish drone strike.

With this year's solidarity martial arts event THIRTYSIX FIGHTS, we are therefore supporting the
women's shelter in Cizîrê with all the profits under the motto:


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Name: Kurdistanhilfe e. V.
IBAN: DE40 2005 0550 1049 2227 04
Keyword: Women's shelter

Konzert: Thirty Six Fights Vol. 3
Date: 06.04.2024
Venue: SO36
City: Berlin

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