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Siekiera - Demo Summer '84

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Attention punks!
The most highly anticipated Polish punk release of the year is out now! This important record has been unreleased on vinyl until today. Get ready for an all out attack from all the way back in 1984 by the one and the only - SIEKIERA.
This material was recorded over 35 years ago. It was known as "Demo, summer '84" or "Dom Chemika" - after the name of the House of Culture in Pulawy, where the band recorded these 16 songs. The material has stood the test of time, causing the pulse of any listener to increase even as it did back then.
This is the most accurate recording of the "old" Siekiera, who was not fortunate enough to record a full-length album in a decent studio. If that had been able to happen back then, such a record would remain an absolute classic today of the international 80?s hardcore punk scene, on the level of the iconic British or Scandinavian legends.
Despite the technical limitations of this recording, the demo material remains shocking with its incredible energy, dynamics and forceful power. It strikes the listener with authenticity, and expresses a total lack of restraint, while remaining saturated with the creativity of a newly emerging underground cultural front. This was a movement created in the secrecy of basements, distanced from the oppressive political reality which otherwise would have had the band silenced.
SIEKIERA recorded this material amidst the buzz caused by the band?s performance at the Jarocin festival in the late summer / early fall of 1984. Some of the songs were already known from their shows, the rest were heard for the first time on this demo. There were new ideas, more elaborate forms, and mature arrangements, all without giving up the characteristic aggression and brutality for which the band had become famous.
"Demo summer '84" consists of the "basic" part (tracks 1-10) and the "extra" part (tracks 11-16) which were recorded on a different day than the others.
After decades of these recordings circulating by hand, a series of bootleg cassettes, and the official publication of songs on "Na wszystkich frontach swiata" CD (2008, W Moich Oczach), the time has finally arrived to present to the world some of the most amazing 80?s musical material to come from the Eastern Bloc.
Hearing these sixteen pieces, with their lyrics teetering on the verge of brutal reality and no less brutal fantasy, balancing between absurdity, abstraction and utopia, bubbling with violence and destruction, still gives a feeling of incredible strength and cathartic release. It infuses the listener with the energy and confidence of a warrior who is ready to fight battles on all fronts of the world. The incredible legacy of SIEKIERA continues for listeners of a new era.


01 Siersciotluki
02 Atak Juz Nadchodzi (Atak)
03 Zabij Ty
04 Wojownik
05 Nadchodzi Zwykle swinstwo (Nasza Wojna)
06 Siekiera
07 Krwawy Front
08 Na Wszystkich Frontach swiata
09 Smierc I Taniec
10 Zaden Marny Cel
11 Bylo Tylko Czterech Nas
12 Kierunek Atak
13 Marysia
14 Laduj Dzialo
15 Rana kluta
16 Pociag Anarchistów

Band: Siekiera
Title: Demo Summer '84
Release: 2021
Label: Warsaw Pact
Bandinfo: Siekiera

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