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Litterbug - it's punk rock jim..but not as we know it

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The band has been hanging around since 2005 and has seen 3 bass players along with 3 drummers. People have come and gone, but the Litterbug umbrella protects us from the storm.

Gigging mostly in the North West of the UK, Litterbug have found themselves in Berlin on occasion and aim to return whenever is possible.

Some litterbug songs are written from dreams. These end up being the most abstract. This paints a picture that is open to interpretation.

Our live shows are short and sweet,usually 25-30mins max, anymore feels indulgent.We try to not stop between songs and just get on with it, no waffle. Andy, the comical genius he believes himself to be(eternal optimist), sometimes breaks the silence. The medium of alcohol clearly deludes him into believing the general public want to hear this.

Collective band likes include,pixies / ramones / sex pistols / weezer / interpol / buzzcocks / the damned / grandaddy / death in vegas / chem.bros / prodigy / lcd sound system / at the drive in / nirvana / when people become numbers / the fall / L7 / 9 black alps / the rakes / system of a down / SLF / the smiths / yeah yeah yeahs / the stranglers / ramones / pixies / help she cant swim / the Briefs / public image ltd / dandy warhols / death cab for cutie / postal service / sparklehorse / the strokes / raveonettes... and pixies /ramones again

Band: Litterbug
Title: it's punk rock jim..but not as we know it
Release: 2014
Label: DIY

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