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Late Nite Wars - who's going to miss you if you go?

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For their full-length debut, LATE NITE WARS were committed to leaving the studio with a product that they were proud to share with the fans that they won over with previous releases. "I definitely think we succeeded in making a record that is leaps and bounds ahead of our old stuff." Says guitarist Erik Lipson, and adds, "We spent about three months in the studio making sure everything was the way we wanted it." The album, lyrically, is a cross section of the life of struggling young bands everywhere, weighing the pros and cons of forty-hour weeks and perilous tales of late night van failures that cause ill-fated tours. Musically, LATE NITE WARS expand on a signature sound that they have spent the years since their inception honing. Lipson assures, We all have been playing music in different bands for 10+ years and we know what we like and what we hate. In support of the record, LATE NITE WARS plan to embark on a late-spring full US tour, with more touring to follow throughout the year.


1. This Is How You Disappear
3. Thread
4. Rock, Paper, Bitters
5. Work Isnt Working
6. New Regulars
7. Death By Routine
8. Bones
9. Bored In Backseats Beats Bored In Board Meetings
10. Dragon The Anchor
11. Aye Dios Mio, Adios Mi Hijo
Band: Late Nite Wars
Title: who's going to miss you if you go?
Release: 2011
Label: Panic

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