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Integrity - those who fear tomorrow

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"My victims never knew what was going to happen"

From the opening line of Those Who Fear Tomorrow to the guttural scream of Micha INTEGRITY devastated any presupposed notions you may have had about hardcore or who they were. Any ideologies you perceived the band to hold have been summarily disavowed. Almost 20 years later, Those Who Fear Tomorrow is just as bleak and caustic towards society as it was in 1991. Those Who Fear Tomorrow marks the second chapter from the first volume of one of the most loved and hated hardcore bands in history. For the first time on vinyl, this stunning album will be released with the full original cover art as well as expanded layout by INTEGRITY vocalist Dwid Hellion. Embrace this dark fiend and be a part of a long and sordid history where darkness reigns supreme. INTEGRITY are a weapon of the end.

"All across the country theres people just like me who set out to destroy human life."


01. Den Of Iniquity
02. Micha: Those Who Fear Tomorrow
03. Diehard
04. Lundgren/Crucifixion
05. Judgment Day
06. Descent Into...
07. Darkness
08. Tempest
09. In Contrast Of Sin
10. Dawn Of A New Apocalypse
11. Wings Tear
12. Harder They Fall
13. Candra Nama Vijayasya Stri Pums Calayasti
14. Apollyons Whisper
15. March Of The Damned

Band: Integrity
Title: those who fear tomorrow
Release: 1991 / 2019
Label: Organized Crime

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