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Greg Graffin: A Real Punk Professor

The legendary lead singer and songwriter of Bad Religion presents his memoirs, which are also convincing as a cultural-critical analysis of punk rock.

Greg Graffin is the lead singer and songwriter for Bad Religion, recently dubbed "America's most important punk band." Since the band's founding in Los Angeles in 1980, Bad Religion has released 18 studio albums, long since established itself as a worldwide touring elemental force and made a name for itself as one of the most influential punk rock groups of all time.

Punk Paradox tells Graffin's life story before and during the early days of punk in Los Angeles. It details the explosive development of the genre as well as the rise of his band. But first, the book still explores Graffin's Midwestern roots and his life-changing move to Southern California in the mid-1970s. Amidst the thriving punk scene on the exciting and often brutal streets of L.A., Graffin and his friends eventually formed Bad Religion, earned a fan base, and became a continually touring institution.
All of these activities paralleled Graffin's unwavering pursuit of intellectual enlightenment. Despite the demands of global concert tours and grueling studio sessions, as well as his passion for songwriting, he also managed to pursue an academic career. He has managed to balance his two identities as a punk rock icon on the one hand and a university lecturer in evolutionary biology on the other.

Graffin's unique wealth of experience uniquely reflects the paradoxical components - the pop influence, the quest for social change, the unifying power of music - that have always defined the genre of punk and have each made an integral contribution to the culture's surprising longevity. As such, this book also readily contradicts traditional perceptions of punk. Like Bad Religion, which evolved from year to year, the spirit of punk - and its musical relevance - has endured over the long term. Graffin has always been concerned with challenging conventions, debunking mythologies, and freeing listeners from the chains of indoctrination.

As insightful as it is entertaining, this autobiography is thought-provoking, while also providing intimate insights into the punk scene and functioning as a perceptive commentary on its longevity and evolution.


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Language: German
Publisher: Hannibal Publisher
Title: Punk Paradoxon: Eine Autobiografie
Pages: 448
Author: Greg Graffin

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