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Empowerment - gegen.kult

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Rightly or wrongly, some new bands are bound to attract more of a buzz than others if they contain ex members of some popular names. Sure it helps the band get some decent gigs and probably not have to start at the bottom of the bill, but on the other hand the band is also under pressure to perform, more so than others in the starting blocks. Germany?s Empowerment carry a huge expectation on their shoulders as they feature former members of Sidekick, Rawside, Teamkiller and True Blue. These have all been massively popular bands in the German punk and hardcore scenes. It would have been so easy for these veterans to play it very safe but right from the start Empowerment have stepped out of their comfort zone and do things a little differently, for example their debut 7? record for example was packaged inside a pizza box! Happy to go against the grain, you?ll search in vain for an Empowerment presence on Facebook too!

No doubt the first thing you?ll notice when the album kicks into gear are the vocals. Sung in German they are. That alone gives Empowerment a totally different feel to their peers. This will no doubt make understanding the lyrics somewhat tricky for some of you so to summarise ? the words are completely in your face and make for one of the most politically charged punk hardcore records of the year. Strictly antifascist, anti-capitalist, anti-sexist, anti-police, anti-homophobic, need I say more? However far from coming across like chants from a political rally, vocalist Jogges? lyrics are cleverly written and reading between the lines you can pick up on homages to the hardcore scene all over ? from Henry Rollins, to the Bad Brains, to Harley Flanagan and Berlin hardcore legend Charley?s War. It is this kind of attention to detail that gives Empowerment real character. These guys know their roots and are happy to pay tribute in their own way. There is less punk in the musical mix that might be expected, this is straight up tough hardcore with a hefty nod towards Best Wishes era Cro-Mags in particular with the hard yet melodic guitar work. As well as the ?Mags it is worth mentioning the likes of the Icemen, Bad Brains and Merauder to give you an idea of where the hard streetwise sounds of Empowerment are coming from. They know how to surprise too, and just when you are getting comfortable with the style they throw you a curveball with ?Szerelem Testverem? ? accordion, strings and a drum machine provide the backing music for a heartfelt track sung in Hungarian. This comes just before the final number which is a no-holds barred hardcore track featuring a selection of guest vocalists from the German hardcore scene ? sounds like they had a blast recording this one! A great album and alongside releases by the likes of Final Prayer (funnily enough featuring guest vocals from Empowerment?s Jogges) and Knuckledust, it seems that hardcore 2012 is set to be a classic vintage. (powered by www.

Band: Empowerment
Title: gegen.kult
Release: 2012/2018
Label: Twisted Chords

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