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Ducky Boys - chasing the ghost

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The Ducky Boys are back for their first album in nearly six years with "Chasing The Ghost." Released on their own upstart record label, this new album is 100% DIY from top to bottom. The album features 17 songs, making it the longest Ducky Boys album to date. The Ducky Boys have matured as a band throughout the course of their five-album career, just as their listeners have matured in age. From their beginnings as teenage punk rockers alongside contemporaries in The Unseen and Dropkick Murphys to the current day, The Ducky Boys have always been seen as an honest and forthcoming band making them close to the hearts of many of their listeners.


1. New Chapter
2. Nobody's Home
3. Won't You Come Home?
4. Surrogates
5. I Guess I"m Broken
6. Getting Better
7. You Sing The Chorus
8. An Angel Like You
9. Cure Me
10. Goodbye & Good Luck
11. Hey Liberty
12. I Lied
13. That Which Doesn't Kill Me
14. Feeling Alive
15. Medicine
16. The Sweetest Girl
17. There's Always Another Way

Band: Ducky Boys
Titel: Chasing The Ghost
Release: 2012
Label: State Line

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