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Doom - total doom

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Classic UK crust punk band Doom kicked off their career with the album War Crimes, released by the then-independent label Peaceville. After a couple of years Peaceville sold a majority of their back catalogue, including the Doom titles, to Music for Nations. This didn't sit well with the band's ideology, so they decided to quit the label for good. Doom then later released the subtly named Fuck Peaceville CD, which contained re-recordings of most tracks from the Peaceville era.
This hefty double vinyl package contains everything Doom recorded for Peaceville - War Crimes LP, tracks from the split LP with No Security and Police Bastard 7" - all are the original recordings.


01 Confusion (Intro)
02 Life Lock
03 Slave To Convention
04 A Dream To Come True
05 Drowning In The Mainstream
06 Same Mind
07 Relief
08 After The Bomb
09 Stop-Gap
10 Scared
11 Sick Joke
12 Natural Abuse
13 Exploitation
14 Beat The Boss
15 Money Drug
16 Fear Of The Future
17 No Religion
18 Phobia For Change
19 Multinationals
20 Obscenity
21 War Crimes
22 No Thought
23 Black Monday
24 Nazi Die
25 Agree To DIffer
26 War On Our Doorstep
27 Bury The Debt (Not The Dead)
28 Life In Freedom, Governed By Equality
29 Days Go By
30 Sold Out Scene
31 Free Yourself
32 Relief Pt. 2
33 Police Bastard
34 Diseased
35 Circles
36 A Means To An End
37 Sick Joke ('89)

Band: Doom
Title: total doom
Label: Svart

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