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Deuter - demos 1981 - 1984

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We are proud to present a highly anticipated release:
Deuter, with recordings from their earliest and most punk period. This album fills a huge gap, because until now these recordings were not available on such a noble medium. Deuter, along with Dezerter and TZN Xenna, was the driving force behind the second wave of Warsaw punk in the early ?80?s and one of the most significant bands in Poland. The group was unable to properly record their activity at that time, and afterwards they went through stylistic changes that can be heard on the vinyl EP and LP that were released in later years. No attachment to a single musical formula and a constant search for new means of expression meant that some of Deuter?s work wasn?t always remembered, appreciated or noticed. Perhaps contributing to this was also their conscious absence from the Jarocin Festival. Both at a musical and lyrical level, Deuter?s songs carried a huge emotional load, and even after more than 30 years since they were recorded they haven?t lost any of their power. Kelner?s brilliant lyrics perfectly and accurately described the bleak and aggressive reality of the People?s Republic of Poland. They are a valuable testimony about finding oneself within an oppressive political system, gaining back the free space taken by two military blocs that were heading towards an inevitable nuclear confrontation. The band, telling it like it was without hesitation, automatically deprived itself of the ability to release a record in the unavoidable clash with the office of censorship. At the time, their strong anti-system message left a big impression, and although it is related to a specific time and place, it is nevertheless timeless and remains relevant even with systems, governments and politicians that are constantly changing. Their collages, manifests, flyers, zines or experiments with performance art and theatre are proof of the formations' multidimensional character. "Demos 1981-1984"
contains the following material: a four-track demo recorded at the Riviera-Remont Club in 1981, two songs recorded at Okólnik in 1982 and five songs recorded in the basement of the Hybrydy club in 1984. The instrumental track from this session was recorded for the Akademia Ruchu (Academy of Movement) and used in one of their performances.
Because there are many songs in the band's repertoire that were never recorded in the studio, also included are fragments of two Warsaw shows - three songs from 1982 and two from 1984. The sessions included on this album were never released on vinyl before (except two songs appearance on "Victim of a safety pin" comp.LP) , and some of them have never been published before on any format. As requested, the design of the LP is similar to the aesthetics of Crass, who were a huge inspiration for early Deuter. The album is released in a "crass-like" cover that folds out into a poster, along with two additional booklets. The first one contains collages, manifests, graphics, translations of lyrics and lots of archival photos by Michal Wasaznik and Ania "Ada" Lyons, among others. The second one is a faithful reproduction of a zine handed out by the band at shows.

Band: Deuter
Title: Demos 1981 - 1984
Release: 2017
Label: Warsaw Pact

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