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Dark Thoughts - at work

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Whaddya mean, you don?t know Dark Thoughts? They've mastered the blink-and-you'll-miss-it-twice energy of that sneaky subgenre some call 'Ramonescore' and made it their own, revelling in hooks and pace while making you wanna inhale a good lungful of industrial strength glue (no, your pritt stick won?t do the job).

The Philadelphia trio have been making a ludicrously addictive noise for a few years now, dropping their self-titled debut back in 2016, and now they?re ready to move out of the shadows and firmly into ?your new favourite band? territory.

References? You got 'em: they?ll call to mind the Bay Area punk of the 80s/early 90s, the I-gotta-weld-that-sound-to-my-brain instancy of Dear Landlord, the in-yer-face-and-out-the-back-of-yer-skull buzzsaw racket of The Queers or The Riverdales (and you don?t even have to worry about that turd Ben Weasel being involved). They?re a goodtime noise for downbeat folks, and they know how to get your subconscious begging for more.

Not many bands will make you wanna spike your boss? drink with bleach before driving your car into a ravine with the volume turned way up. Dark Thoughts are one of ?em. Get familiar, asap.

Band: Dark Thoughts
Title: At Work
Release: 2018
Label: Drunken Sailor

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