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Barbara Lüdde, Jot Vetter - Our Piece Of Punk (Reissue) PRE-ORDER

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A look at the present of feminism and punk. In 1991, the manifesto of the angry Riot Grrrls was born. What happened after that? Have their demands been fulfilled? Punk is not dead - at least that's what some people say - and even today there is no lack of critical voices regarding racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia in the punk scene. And they have their say in "Our Piece of Punk", because it is time to continue the discussions. "Our Piece of Punk. A queer_feminist look at punk" contains drawings, comics, textí contributions, discussions and declarations of love about the possibilities and limits of queer_feminism in punk. It is not a look in the rear-view mirror, no "everything used to be better" and riot grrrl ínostalgia: rather, the book lets 40 musicians, concertgoers, festivalíorganisers, punk:etts, comic artists or sound engineers have their say, who love and live punk and DIY today, with all their quirks, edges and annoyances.
quirks, edges and annoyances

- Softcover, black and white

- 160 pages

- reissue
- Language: German


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Language: German
Format: Book
Publisher: Ventil Verlag / Tapete
Release: 2023

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