Make Do And Mend - bodies of water

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In this day and age, everything is a commodity. Music was the final frontier and even thats been reduced to a product. Honesty and passion have been replaced by dollars and cents with bands creating a look, writing a hook to catch the eyes of a young teenage girl and a record exec. Cookie-cutter bands and so on down the line have perfected a product that will launch them into super stardom. Theres nothing behind their eyes, theyre creating music for the wrong reasons. It has no real attitude. There are always exceptions to that trend though, you just have to dig deeper than whats being force-fed. MAKE DO AND MEND is the epitome of that exception. With the depth of HOT WATER MUSIC, the youthfulness of JIMMY EAT WORLD and piecing it all together with their own dark post-hardcore sound. MAKE DO AND MEND has delivered their latest endeavor, Bodies Of Water. Bodies Of Water encompasses MAKE DO AND MENDs own brand of posi-hardcore that is as melodic as it is fierce. MAKE DO AND MEND have perfected a sound thats more than able to convince you that aggressive emotion and heartfelt honesty are not dead in the punk music that we fell in love with. MARKETING / SELLING POINTS MAKE DO AND MEND have completed multiple US tours and have been touring nonstop in support of Bodies Of Water


1. Shambles
2. Winter Wasteland
3. Father
4. Our Own Ebb & Flow
5. No Words
6. TL

Band: Make Do And Mend

Title: bodies of water

Release: 2010

Label: Panic



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