Irritones - negative dots

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After the demise of the HATEPINKS, the French Secret Service DGSE immediately called Monsieur Oliver on the red line:
The mission: Find some trusted comrades and IRRITATE THE WORLD! So he rounded up a bunch of fearless agents who already proved their competence in the undercover cases ''HOLY CURSE'' and ''AGGRAVATION''.
Under the codename ''IRRITONES'' they are all set up to shake the foundation of social order forever with 10 bullets of their genuine Oupupo-styled Punkrock that sounds like a well-shaken Martini of HATEPINKS vocals with a lethal cyanide dose of spastic '77 Punk. The enciphered secret messages in songs like 'Rejection is all I got', 'Mikado business', 'Japanese cars', 'Modern light' or 'Cannibal kids' are supposed to inform other secret agents worldwide about the state of commando ''Negative Dots'' and show how simplicity finally leads to irritatation.
What a clever and devilish plan!

Format: LP

Band: Irritones

Title: negative dots

Label: P.Trash



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